Cloud + Automation

Cloud + Automation

Use C4T with ClashMEP to fundamentally change the management of your BIM processes.

Here's Why C4T is Different

Here's why C4T is different.

C4T is a cloud-enabled clash and design management tool for Revit. C4T uses ClashMEP to track clash events and all user actions in Revit. This creates a ledger of element geometry additions, edits, and deletions.

This data is pushed to the cloud on every model sync or save from all project C4T users. This creates a dataset of clash and design data on the cloud. The tracking of model actions with C4T is different from your current file-based approaches, even if they're cloud based.

Clash Report Automation?

Got clash report automation?

C4T uses interactive, real-time dashboards and management tools with dynamic connections to the C4T cloud database. Info from your project is automatically populated from ClashMEP and reports are automated.

Go here to see examples of interactive dashboards of clash reporting.


How does your C4T data help you?

When a clash is created and uploaded to the C4T cloud, the clash can be associated with other data.

For example, we can use data to automatically connect the clash to the other person who last modified the element in the clash. That's because we're tracking all Revit geometry changes from all project C4T users. That means a clash can be quickly cleared by working directly with the other VDC professional.

C4T also tracks clashes and elements with the project level, room, and clash volume.


C4T is open for integrations!

We know data is valuable to your projects and enterprise. Firms also use a large variety of software platforms. That means we're committed to integrating our data with your tech stack.

We created a Web API that allows for authenticated, programmatic access to your cloud data, which is hosted on our implementation of Microsoft Azure. (Let's jargon this up: we use a REST architecture and the JSON protocol.)

How easy is it to integrate?

You can access your data using spreadsheets through a JSON call. How easy is that?


Ready to get started?

BuildingSP offers trials of ClashMEP for Teams for firms and projects. Contact us and we can provide demonstrations, data access, and more information on applying for a C4T trial. C4T is sold using the same subscription software model as ClashMEP.

Through January 2018, C4T is being offered as a part of your ClashMEP subscription. After that time, C4T will be priced as a separate service.

We suggest firms and projects reach out immediately to lock-in C4T pricing. Contact for more information.

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