A2P Puzzle V1

Fitting It All Together

Every company is different. That means your technology requirements are also unique to you. That's an asset.

Sometimes, the best way to achieve the value for your projects is to make connections between different platforms.

We know this can be challenging. But we're here to help.

A2P Stack V1

Your Technology Stack

Your firm has a stack of technology that fits your unique needs. Your firm has a competitive advantage because you've worked to create the set of tools that best fits your needs.

At BuildingSP, we've created a data connector that helps you leverage and connect different parts of your tech stack - your Autodesk products for building information modeling and Procore ConstructionOS for project management.

This connector is called the A2P Toolkit.

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The A2P Add-on for Navisworks 2018 is available for immediate download. Give it a try with your coordination process.

Download it now for a free, full-featured 5 day trial.

The A2P Toolkit streamlines project collaboration by connecting Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® Navisworks® to Procore® ConstructionOS, the world's most widely used construction project management software. Data from Autodesk's flagship BIM software platforms is published to Procore's systems, where it can be updated and managed.

The A2P Toolkit currently includes A2P for Navisworks 2018. This Navisworks add-on integrates your coordination workflows in Navisworks to Procore. The current features of A2P for Navisworks include:

  • Model Publishing from Navisworks: Publish your open Navisworks file to Procore's document storage in a variety of formats, including:
    • NWD to Procore
    • NWF to Procore
    • NWF with all appended files to Procore
    • NWD to Procore by conversion and export of the open NWF
  • Auto-populate Procore Observations using Navisworks Viewpoints

Upcoming features for the A2P Toolkit include:

  • A2P for Navisworks
    • Auto-populate Procore Meeting Minutes with Navisworks Viewpoints
    • Auto-sync NWF's with project files on Procore Documents
  • A2P for Fabrication and Revit
    • Publish RVT or DWG's to Procore Documents
    • Convert and publish RVT and DWG's to Procore Documents as NWD's
    • Sync local files with updated files on Procore Documents

Demonstration of the A2P Toolkit

The A2P Toolkit is sold as a software subscription to enterprises, project teams, or users and will include an expanding set of functionality, including integration with BuildingSP's ClashMEP product for interactive clash avoidance and design management in Revit. All upgrades and future A2P Toolkit Add-ons are included with each subscription.

For sales, contact sales@buildingsp.com.

Download Now!

A trial of the A2P Add-on for Navisworks 2018 is available for immediate download.

DJ Phipps
Construction Technology Group Manager at XL Construction

"A2P Toolkit has made the process of tracking issues and collaboration much faster than other methods. Issues are now easily tracked, communicated and closed through the same platform. No longer do our trade and design partners have to look in different places for this data.

It all lives in Procore now."

Taylor Cupp
Technologist at Mortenson

"With construction management at the core of our business, successful projects revolve around effective communication. A2P finally allows us to start to integrate two critical components of the process together for improved communication.

By being able to bring VDC (Navisworks coordination) and project management (Procore) together in one location, we have the ability to streamline our projects through the use of A2P.”

Myles Martin
Architect & Principal at Rozas Ward Architects

"The A2P Toolkit by BuildingSP improves communication between design professionals and contractors. BuildingSP's API integration into the Autodesk platforms removes the need for designers to cut-and-paste text into emails, formalizes communication, and makes for a "lean" process that's centered on the contractor's primary management platform.

The A2P Toolkit is a must-have for projects, especially those with design-build or integrated project delivery contracts. "

Kris Lengieza
Vice President of Operational Excellence at Stiles Construction

"As avid Procore users at Stiles, we want everything we do to be integrated and in one place.

We were always falling short when it came to connecting Procore and Autodesk in our VDC processes. That's why we are such enthusiastic supporters and collaborators with BuildingSP on the A2P Toolkit.

They built what we needed."

Coverage of the A2P Toolkit on the ConTechCrew Podcast on March 16th, 2018

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