Initial Electrical System Routing with GenMEP

This video demonstrates the initial routing of an electrical system in an Autodesk Revit building model. GenMEP generative autorouting software is used to create clash-free routes in seconds. The workflow improvement is dramatic yet simple as modeling of conduits is changed to a data-driven workflow from a low productivity point-and-click activity.

While this is not a high-congestion building, the methodology would not change as congestion increases.

Pipe Autorouting in Autodesk Revit with GenMEP

In this video, Jack Hsueh of BuildingSP demonstrates auto routing with pipe in a Revit environment. GenMEP is a Revit add-on that uses algorithms to create clash-free routes in seconds.

Batch Autorouting with GenMEP in Autodesk Revit

Batch autorouting in GenMEP is a data-driven approach to managing change within 3D model coordination workflows. In this video, Audrey Frederick of iCAD Solutions demonstrates running batch autorouting given changing coordination models. GenMEP, an Autodesk Revit add-in, creates clash-free routes through your projects.

Routing Through Point Clouds With Generative Design

This is a demonstration of reality computing, building information modeling (BIM), and generative design. We algorithmically route MEPS systems through a mechanical room that has been characterized by a point cloud.

Autorouting of MEP Through Point Cloud & Revit Geometry

This demo shows the clash-free autorouting of electrical conduit through both a point cloud and architectural geometry created in Revit. More information at and on Twitter at @youngbrettyoung and @genmep.

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