The Changing Face of Clash Detection in MEP Modeling

BuildingSP recently announced the release of ClashMEP, a real-time clash detection solution for the Autodesk Revit platform. ClashMEP is a building information modeling (BIM) innovation that redefines how we do clash detection. Talking about the difference between "batch" and "continuous" processing modes can be rather dry, so we wanted to offer a simple analogy to illustrate the improvements we're making to BIM workflows at BuildingSP.

Most of us probably have 401ks, equities, or some other stocks. Even if we don't personally own these things, we understand how the change in the value of stocks, for example, affects the financial health of the economy, a company, or a person. Now, imagine your profession is finance and that you are only given stock exchange information once per week. Imagine that stock information was "batched" to you every Tuesday. It would be very hard to do your job getting all of the information at once. The information would quickly become out of date and you'd have no visibility on the current situation.

Well, this is exactly how we handle clash detection today. Once a week, everyone uploads their files and one person aggregates them in order to run a series of clash tests. This is a batch process mentality. Even if you're using a cloud file storage system with built-in clash detection, it's still a process that is outside of the typical modeling workflow and is not in real time.

Think about how finance professionals actually work. They have real-time information about all the markets they're interested in. They can make decisions based on the current status of an equity or the market. They work in strategic ways because they know their current position without guessing. They rely on a continuous process to perform their jobs.

This is where we're taking ClashMEP and BIM coordination. Continuous clash management is when the project clashes are aggregated across the project in real time. Based on this information, project coordinators can focus on actual problems and strategic solutions, rather than filling out issue logs and running clashes. The platform from BuildingSP that will support this new, real-time workflow will be available soon. ClashMEP, which enables this workflow, is available for sale now. All licensed users are automatically upgraded to our new platform.

Continuous clash detection is a game changer because it instantly gives actionable information without having to run a batch or have a milestone event. Coordination meetings can be more focused and strategic. Real-time clash detection is directly connected to streamlining the modeling effort and is an outstanding example of "connected BIM."  

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