The Changing Face of Clash Detection in MEP Modeling

BuildingSP recently announced the release of ClashMEP, a real-time clash detection solution for the Autodesk Revit platform. ClashMEP is a building information modeling (BIM) innovation that redefines how we do clash detection. Talking about the difference between "batch" and "continuous" processing modes can be rather dry, so we wanted to offer a simple analogy to illustrate the improvements we're making to BIM workflows at BuildingSP.

Machine Learning for MEP Firms

Let's continue our discussion about how the work of BuildingSP intersects with the major themes of Jeff Kowalski's 2016 Autodesk University Keynote. We previously wrote about artificial intelligence and how firms can prepare for a new generation of automation tools. Artificial intelligence is a broader field than many realize, and one related sphere is machine learning. Machine learning is the use of computers to change workflow behaviors without having to explicitly program the basis for these behaviors. The purpose of this post is to describe how this will affect firms that design, detail, or install mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems.

Artificial Intelligence Strategies for MEP Firms

In his 2016 Autodesk University Keynote, Jeff Kowalski spent considerable time explaining Autodesk's vision for the intersection of how the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry currently works and its future interface with artificial intelligence (AI). Kowalski, CTO of Autodesk, outlined recent significant advancements in AI, like the once inconceivable win by AlphaGo playing the pinnacle of strategy games, Go. But advancements in AI are coming faster than one would imagine. A recent Wired article listed the many large technology firms pushing hard into AI, and we already know that Google is using AI for its AEC operations. In addition, the work of BuildingSP is based on heuristic algorithms, which is a field of study within AI. The influence of AI is already being felt in our industry and it is expanding rapidly.

Autodesk University 2016 Recap

We're now back home after a long week at Autodesk University (AU). It was another great year of catching up with old friends; meeting new people; and spending dedicated time thinking, mulling over, and evaluating Autodesk technology and workflows. Here are our top five takeaways.

Low on Gimmick & Glamour

Every AU has a fair amount of pomp and circumstance. Our impression, which was met with agreement from other attendees we met during the week, was that this year was a little different from previous years. The overall event was more simple and less complex. We didn't see any Storm Troopers. The Hive outside the exhibit hall was gone, replaced by an area intended for users to get answers and provide feedback on products. No more robotic bartender in the Exhibit Hall. It just felt like a simpler event.

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