BuildingSP & Matterport – Autorouting MEP in Point Clouds

We recently reconnected with the folks over at Matterport and started testing our work within Matterport export environments. We wanted to give you a quick update in advance of releasing a video showing what we've been able to achieve, which we find very exciting.

Matterport is a scanning platform provider that is a strong alternative to traditional laser scanning workflows. They use a bi-optic camera system that quickly registers photospheres into a virtual reality (VR) environment. It is easier to use than laser scanners, creates a VR environment that is visually attractive, and has a smaller data footprint. Matterport can then output both object files (.obj) and point clouds (.xyz), as well as view the cloud-based environment using VR equipment or browsers.

At BuildingSP we use either point clouds or object files and import them into Autodesk Revit. Once in Revit, we can define start and end points for pipe, conduit, or duct and automatically route through the environment using GenMEP, our routing solution. We do this without clashes between the newly modeled systems and the Matterport environment.

The advantage for working in the Matterport environment compared to traditional laser scanning is that the scans have less noise and fewer errant points, and the environment is cleaner than Lidar data. While there are drawbacks, such as less precision compared to point clouds, we believe that Matterport is a great solution for many architectural projects and many types of renovation projects where the accuracy of Lidar isn't needed. The ease of use of the browser and VR environments is also very compelling. If a modeler has a clearer understanding of what is happening in the space, the team can more quickly create routing strategies that are autorouted by GenMEP.

We're very excited about working with the Matterport team and look forward to sharing more examples of autorouting within reality capture environments. 


Make sure to check out the work we’re doing in computational BIM and the automation of MEP modeling. BuildingSP is at the forefront of the application of generative design to AEC, and we look forward to better tools changing how we specify BIM on projects. You can contact us at 

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