How Do You Plan Your BIM Workforce Assets?

There's a paper you should read if you're interested in BIM issues. I'm posting it here with permission from Professor Wei Wu of California State University, Fresno.

For those of us who work with BIM on an every day basis, it's apparent that BIM-capable project team members continue to be in short supply. But this paper goes further and resonates in several different ways. How do you do long-term planning of your BIM workforce assets?

One quote that's included in the introduction:

"The lack of adequately trained personnel has been identified by professionals and scholars as a major hindrance to the adoption and implementation of building information modeling."

We all know that, but we don't often see it printed in black and white.

At Building System Planning, we're building tools that will leverage the efforts of your BIM staff.  Keep checking back for more information. 

Tags: BIM Construction

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