The Week in Summary: Monsters, Superheroes & Burning Man, Oh My!

We made it to Friday again! Let's take a look back at some of the things we talked about this week.

There are monsters in the closet! We compared how the use of digital data models in building design is similar to the process Pixar Animation Studios used to animate Sully's fur in Monsters, Inc. The Lotte Super Tower in South Korea presented a special kind of challenge with its twisted exterior, much like the movement of Sully's hair presented a special kind of challenge for Pixar's animation team. Digital data models are being embraced by many industries to help solve complex computational tasks, and we're interested to see how this trend will reshape the way we think about design in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.


We're picturing buildings inspired by Sully... (Source: The Verge)

There are probably also some monsters in the desert right now. As Burning Man kicks off in Black Rock City, Nevada this week, we thought it would be interesting to examine how the annual festival is like BIM. Both clearly embrace innovation and forward thinking, but we also looked at the similarities in cost and monumental logistics. Tickets to Burning Man are expensive, and BIM isn't exactly cheap (requires registration). In addition, the festival grounds must accommodate thousands of people and vehicles and a great deal of planning is required of participants, much like the coordination and communication efforts required for a successful BIM strategy.


If you're traveling home from Burning Man this weekend, please leave the dust in the desert. Thank you. (Source: AOPA)

Hopefully no one in the desert is attempting to drive a car in the dark, but with the assistance of Lidar, Ford has done just that. Engineers successfully tested an autonomous car in complete darkness without headlights. After reading about this experiment, we thought again about the augmented age and what advancing technology means for AEC. Artificial intelligence and generative design are revolutionizing how we create and build, and design programs that harness these technologies are coming out of the proverbial woodwork. In fact, it has been pointed out that the adoption of new technology is one of the most critical factors for construction companies to succeed in the digital age.


We're seeing green! This autonomous car is driving in complete darkness. (Source: TechCrunch)

Much of what we talk about is related to machines and programs, but it's important to remember the human element. How does this augmented world affect career progression for design and construction professionals? We took a look at how the adoption of BIM practices has shifted the typical career path as certain jobs have become more specialized. Furthermore, a new era of thinking machines requires that we consider how people will communicate and interact with them. Whether it's a car, drone, robot, or computer program, the augmented age necessitates collaboration between human and machine.


How many ways are there to the top? (Source: 3R Strategy)

Have you ever wondered why there seems to be such a lack of female superhero merchandise? We did too, and in this clever TED Talk, media studies scholar Christopher Bell examines what message this disparity may be sending to our kids. Enjoy and have a great long weekend!


Now that's what we're talking about! (Source: GirlTalkHQ)

What are you reading that you think will change the face of AEC? Let us know in the comments or drop us a line at

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