The Value of Generative Design of Electrical Systems in Revit - Aubrey Frederick of iCAD Solutions

I want to relay to you how much of a game changer GenMEP by BuildingSP is for electrical subcontractors who practice building information modeling (BIM) and perform installation. I've been a consultant for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) firms for more than 15 years now, and the electrical trade is consistently at a disadvantage for BIM. GenMEP levels that playing field.

Brett Young over at BuildingSP has pointed out several ways that electrical work is perceived as being flexible and less important than other trades in BIM scopes. The hard reality is that the Electrical Distribution System is crucial and diverse and these systems are difficult to model in current platforms.

This is how GenMEP evens the score. For electrical, the GenMEP tools provide sophisticated autorouting capabilities. My clients and I can now model electrical systems ten times faster than before we had GenMEP, which is an add-on to the Autodesk Revit platform.

So what exactly does this mean? Let me give you three examples from my projects and others that use this product:

1. Level of Detail

 We all benefit when we put more detail into our 3D models. With the improvements offered by GenMEP, we're going to model more and more of the electrical system. Coordination meetings will actually be productive. Look back atBrett's article for more detail, but it's certainly possible to use an existing BIM budget and model the entire electrical system with the productivity gains from GenMEP – all done clash free with GenMEP doing the clash avoidance.

2. Speed for Pre-Coordination

On day one of coordination, I'm going to be ready. Not only that, I might be done. You're going to see electrical trades model faster than the other trades. You'll quickly see our system early in the process, whereas before, we weren't as fast at developing models through coordination.

3. Pre-Fabrication

GenMEP allows us to order the exact number of factory bends earlier in the process. It also allows us to pre-bend our work in the shop for non-standard bends. We will quickly go to fabrication right after coordination sign-off, which will translate into big savings in the field.

 In short, the GenMEP technology is amazing and I'm thrilled to be working with the BuildingSP team to fine-tune their product. It isn't very often that I feel energized by a new software package. But the future is much brighter for how we model and coordinate buildings with this type of technology. It is nothing short of amazing and delivers on the promise of BIM.

If have time check out some out demos where time can be saved and value added using GenMEP:

Auto Routing Conduits

Auto Routing Piping

Auto Routing Cable Tray 

Design Options with Batch Auto Route

Team skills training  

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