Frequently Asked Questions

  • What versions of Autodesk Revit does GenMEP support?

    BuildingSP currently supports Revit 2015 and Revit 2016. We will announce support for Revit 2017 in the near future. We are not compatible with versions of Revit before Revit 2015.
  • Does GenMEP work on other BIM or CAD platforms?

    GenMEP is currently integrated into Autodesk Revit. The origins of GenMEP came from work that was integrated into Dassault's Catia. The current development roadmap includes integration into the Autodesk AutoCAD family of products. Other platforms (Catia, Archicad, Sketchup) are under consideration. Contact us if you have a strong preference for future platforms or see our consulting page for information on custom development.
  • What is the install process for GenMEP?

    GenMEP uses a standard installer with a license key for installing into Revit. You will need administrative rights on your computer to initiate and complete the installation.
  • Does GenMEP work on linked files?

    Yes. GenMEP works when linked files are added to the Revit environment. This includes other Revit files and IFC file formats, such as FabricationMEP exports.
  • What systems does GenMEP currently autoroute?

    GenMEP currently autoroutes electrical conduit systems, which we are fully supporting for beta and paid users. GenMEP also currently does work for pressure piping and duct systems. However, we are not offering support for these systems. Support is available in the user forums for these systems.
  • Does GenMEP include a mobile solution?

    GenMEP does not currently include a mobile solution. A point-to-point router is planned for mobile devices in the near future.
  • Does GenMEP work on reality capture technologies other than LIDAR / laser scanning?

    Yes! The given reality capture technology has to be able to import a point or mesh into Autodesk Revit. The point cloud resolution needs to be better than 1/4" and the coverage of surfaces needs to be very good. For example, if the top of a duct isn't captured, GenMEP will route pipe and conduit through duct interior where the scan stops. GenMEP has been tested using the following reality capture technologies:
    • Paracosm
    • Matterport
    • DotProduct
    Contact us with any additional questions.
  • Does GenMEP work with SysQue?

  • Does GenMEP work with my custom families?

    Yes! It may take some initial testing and customization to confirm it works correctly and to associate it with our tool. If there are rules for your custom family system, that may take custom development to implement these particular rules. Out of the box, if your custom family behaves like a family we support, it will work with minimal association.
  • Do the routes computed by GenMEP conform to code requirements in my area?

    Routes do conform to geometric constraints for that given system family. Code requirements are not currently considered when routes are computed. Code conformance requires review by a licensed professional in the same way that standard BIM and CAD tools are used to detail a route. GenMEP then allows for the influence of routes so they conform to the given code requirement.
  • Can GenMEP model clash-free hangers?

    Hangers are currently in beta and can be modeled clash-free. Further development is needed to optimize hanger placement.
  • Does GenMEP consider lifecycle factors when computing a route?

    GenMEP determines the most optimal route between the start and target points. This functionality is currently being expanded to create a generative, lean approach where different solutions can be compared on a life-cycle basis.
  • Can GetMEP output a BOM (Bill of Materials) for the computed path?

    There are existing features in Revit that allow material takeoffs to be generated. The automated creation of standardized shop drawings is on our development roadmap.

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