ClashMEP - Real-time Clash Detection for Revit

ClashMEP is a real-time clash detection tool for Autodesk's Revit. As the user models in Revit, ClashMEP identifies, displays, and reports clashes with other systems. ClashMEP uses the advanced data structures created for GenMEP to do it's job with no lag in performance. This includes real time clash detection for Revit objects, IFC files, linked files, and point clouds.

ClashMEP revolutionizes the modeling capabilities of Revit, allowing for error checking as you model. Clash detection and resolution becomes an interactive experience, rather than an operation in a separate platform that is separate from the modeling process.



BuildingSP has integrated ClashMEP into existing modeling workflows. It is integrated directly into Revit. We consider it like "spell check." ClashMEP is constantly watching for clashes as you model and immediately informing the user of conflicts with other systems.

LIDAR Compatible

ClashMEP works with point clouds which have been brought into the Revit environment. This means a user can do interactive, dynamic test fits of MEP objects directly within the point cloud. This revolutionizes modeling approaches in LIDAR and is a unique capability.


You don't need to export your models to Navisworks! Navis is a separate application that requires specific training, licensing, and workflows. Work directly in Revit with all your linked files, in C4R environments, or other shared settings.


ClashMEP is an excellent addition to Revit. A realtime coordination tool that will save hours of work time. In my opinion it is a must for any workflow.

Tom Noctor, BIM Manager @ The Designer Group

Clash MEP is a great tool for modeling. It is a real time clash detection tool that doesn’t require using a separate platform such as Navisworks to locate clashes. It will work with Linked Revit files and Point Clouds.

Johnny Shelton, BIM / VDC Coordinator @ BIM-Connection LLC

We installed ClashMEP and immediately found it to be a time and money saver. Being an MEP engineering firm, being able to reassure our clients of model coordination and streamline it into our Revit work flow has proven invaluable. The customer support from Building SP, and Brett Young specifically, has been nothing but a dream... With the most recent update ( we have noticed major improvements in model performance as well the resource demand for the computer. With every update it seems BuildingSP does nothing but improve ClashMEP, and if ever any oddities happen, they typically have a solution that integrates easily with the worth flow behind using ClashMEP.

Forrest Smith, BIM Coordinator @ Creative Environment Corporation - Consulting Engineers

Pricing & Trials

BuildingSP is offering trials of ClashMEP for use by AEC professionals. ClashMEP is sold using a subscription software model.

  • Trials are available for immediate download by visiting our Download Center.

  • Current pricing as of February 2017 is $395 per user per year for ClashMEP on a subscription basis. Contact for volume discounts and sales.

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