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2017 has finally arrived and, as is the case for many this time of year, we felt the need to take a momentary pause to reflect on the year that has just passed. It was a big year for Building SP, with the release of GenMEP and ClashMEP. We've been inspired by the many advancements in automation, virtual reality technology and other tech that we feel will reshape the way we work in the architecture, engineering and construction space. Here's a quick look back at our top 5 posts from 2016.

The Week in Summary: ClashMEP, General Contractors & the Golden Gate Bridge

*Ondina Frate of @GenerativDesign

It's the last Friday before Christmas... Is your shopping done? If it's likely you'll face at least one check-out line today, why not squeeze in some reading? Here's a quick look at some of our favorite pieces from around the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) world from this past week.

Obviously, building information modeling (BIM) is a hot topic around our office. It's our goal to make its adoption easier and make workflows seamless. We're happy to announce that we've come one step closer to that goal with the introduction of ClashMEP! ClashMEP is a Revit add-in that brings dynamic, real-time clash detection to the Revit platform. It allows you to see clashes as you model (yes, for real!); compute clashes along a machine, engineering, and plumbing (MEP) route; and find all clashes through a bounding selection. Clash detection is done against other Revit objects, linked models, IFCs, and point clouds. It even works in C4R environments. For more information, check out our website or contact us at

The Week in Summary: Disruption, Diving In & the Virtual Takeover

Winter storms are raging across the country, but at least we've made it to another weekend! There's been a lot going on this week. Let's take a look back at the tech news that grabbed our attention in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) space.

It's been mentioned on more than one occasion that the AEC industry as a whole is slow to embrace new technology. But as technology continues to advance at an ever-increasing pace, the construction sector is going to have to keep up. Fortunately, the ConAppGuru (a.k.a. Rob McKinney) and Caterpillar put together some handy guidelines for how to run a tech-focused job site. With everything from digitizing paperwork to "smart" wearables for safety to machine automation, the guide details how the proper implementation of new technology can transform the construction site, ultimately making projects smoother, safer, and far more cost effective.

The Week in Summary: Build as You Go With VR, Looking Ahead to 2017 & a Diversity Check In

It's Friday again! As those of us in the Bay Area try not to float away in the rain, let's take a look at what's been going on in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) world over the last week.

We've often talked about the potential for virtual reality in the AEC space, and as the tools for virtual reality (VR) continue to improve at an ever-increasing pace, that potential is becoming a reality. The Botswana Innovation Hub for technology research and development doesn't yet exist, but with an HTC Vive headset you can take a walk through it now – no trip to Africa required. Forward-thinking architects are changing the way buildings are designed: "Virtual reality can alter the whole architectural process, from design to construction, even to maintenance after a building is completed. Architects don't have to use software to translate their drawings into renderings; they can design in three dimensions in the first place." Gone are the days of drafting tables and endless reams of paper. The next generation of designers will build their spaces as they walk through them.

The Week in Summary: Machine Learning, Streamlined Wearables & Holiday Fun

Whew! We made it to another Friday. The holiday madness is about to launch into full gear, but before it does we're pumped about all the cool things happening in the world of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC).

We've talked a lot lately about Autodesk University 2016, and we're not quite done yet. There are so many great technological advancements taking place in AEC, and Jeff Kowalski's Opening Keynote gave us a glimpse into what we can expect from it in the coming months and years. Last week, we talked about artificial intelligence, and this week we narrowed that focus down to machine learning. We looked at how data systems and automation can be harnessed by mechanical, engineering, and plumbing (MEP) firms to leverage the full power of machine learning. It's important for us to embrace this technology now if we want to lead in the future of rapidly evolving AEC.

There are so many components to machine learning, and our plan is to harness them all. (Source: Olivia Klose)

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BuildingSP on the ConTechTrio Podcast

"Probably some of the best Revit Plug-In software developers that I've seen. They're doing a phenomenal job." -Leslie Graham.

Thanks, ConTechTrio!

ConTechTrio is a podcast focused on the latest construction technology trends and updates. It's hosted by JBKnowledge and can be found on iTunes, Spreaker and Soundcloud.

The show is hosted by James Benham, co-host Rob McKinney, and Josh Bone with special guest Leslie Graham.

Their recent podcast was focused on laser scanning and you can hear their impressions of our work! BuildingSP is mentioned at 35:20 on the podcast but we highly recommend you listen to the entire piece!

GenMEP in CAD Digest!

"The software is the first AEC design product to use generative design for building systems."

Thanks, CAD Digest!

CAD Digest is a web based resource for BIM and CAD news. Building System Planning and GenMEP were recently featured in an excellent write-up outlining the features of our product. We are always thrilled to see the industry discovering our work!

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