Our Build Copenhagen Live Update

Build Copenhagen Live has begun, and we can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. This year's design challenge tackles the rapidly growing affordable housing crisis in Copenhagen, forcing many to live in ever-shrinking spaces, sometimes with multiple families in one dwelling. Such circumstances are clearly not conducive to festive gatherings, and crowded spaces often make for unhappy and stressed out individuals. The task? Design a community center in Ørestad, Copenhagen, giving these overcrowded spaces some breathing room.

Team Cool, Calm, and Connected hard at work designing in their yellow vests!

The chosen site is close to many homes and businesses, as well as a college, sports facilities, and public transportation. The best part is that there are no specifications for room features nor the size of the overall building, so creativity can run rampant. The only solid stipulations are that it must incorporate indoor, outdoor, and mixed-use spaces, and most importantly, the design must focus on sustainability.

Here's a close up of the team vest.

The finished design should provide spaces for a variety of activities, including games, cooking, sports, parties, and just lounging. The organizers recommend designing for varied use on the ground floor to create an interesting diversion for street-level passersby. Juul | Frost Architects are currently busy at work on the architectural plan with Niras waiting for the engineering cue and BuildingSP anxiously standing by for our chance to show off GenMEP for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) modeling. Be sure to keep tabs on us on Twitter with #TeamCoolCalmConnected and check back to see the winning design on Friday!

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