The Beginning of the End of Clash Detection

Job sites all over the world use clash detection to report on the errors that occur as architects, engineers, and contractors create 3D models for buildings. Every clash report includes tens of thousands of these errors, and the clash detection process can take months or years. The errors are so prolific that they test our abilities to fix and correct them. But BuildingSP has a solution. We want you to imagine your BIM workflows without clash detection and consider what that would change.

BIM Cost Estimating for Subcontractors

One topic that I think is important is how to estimate BIM costs.  Here are some thoughts on the best way to estimate and track BIM costs if you are a part of the subcontractor community.  

BIM is a planning tool - you're planning and defining how work is to be installed - and the best way of estimating those costs as a subcontractor is to align the input (hours by a 3D modeler) with the output (hours required to install the work).  If you consistently define a ratio of these two numbers, you can estimate the expected amount of time it takes for BIM on your projects.  Based on your understanding of future projects, you can also handicap and adjust your numbers to cover potential liabilities.  

Diapers, Beer & BIM

The AEC industry is at a critical juncture in history. BIM, cloud computing, and the growing sophistication of building products have created the perfect environment for a new era in AEC history. Autodesk calls this "The Era of Connection," a disruptive time when design, construction, and operational processes will be radically changed. For most, this will upend their business. For us, this is an exciting time in which we are helping our clients adapt and lead.

BIM & Safety

Let's talk safety. There have been some recent postings about how BIM can be used to create a safer job site through better planning, hazard communication, and visualization. We're not afraid of tough math, but we wanted to point out some fairly simple math that shows the direct benefit of BIM on safety.

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