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TGIF! Let's get ready for the weekend. Here's a look back at what we've been talking about this week:

We created a brand new term! The Macomber Line is our latest addition to burgeoning BIM terminology, defining the points at which innovation in construction can offer the most impact to overall cost efficiency. It was coined in honor of John Macomber, who is a thought leader for innovation in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). The Macomber Line can give us a visual representation of an innovation's value in relation to where it falls in the design/construction process.

This graph describes the ability to control project costs over time, and the Macomber Line describes the inflection of this influence because the process of bidding locks in direct costs, as well as risks related to particular subcontractors. (Source: BuildingSP)

We also discussed the role of women in construction and what a female perspective can offer the industry. While women's roles in the broader job market have grown in recent decades, their inclusion in the construction sector has remained relatively stagnant. Issues of harassment have been one of the biggest factors deterring a larger female demographic, but we think that women can offer a unique perspective at all phases of the building process. Recruitment programs aimed at encouraging women to join the sector offer educational and training options as well as support for those forging ahead into what has long been considered a "man's world."

The number of women in construction is seriously lagging compared to other industries. Think how much women could accomplish here! (Source: OSHA)

We also had some fun this week! We took a look at how 
gamification could be useful in BIM strategy
, suggesting possible ways to measure progress and success while encouraging innovative thinking through healthy competition. Our friends at High Fidelity were the inspiration for this strategy, as it's a tactic they employ in creating their immersive virtual reality (VR) environments (because we couldn't get through a week without some mention of VR). Forbes also discusses the usefulness of gamification, noting several guidelines that should be followed to ensure the gaming process remains relevant and beneficial to overall business goals.


Gamification: Not all fun and games. (Source: Shutterstock)

Finally, we had some fun looking at how the making of The LEGO Movie compared to digital workflows in virtual design and construction (VDC). Multi-platform workflow, magnitude of elements, and time frame were the key takeaways in our analysis, as these elements show the strongest similarities between the two disciplines. Our conclusion, however, is that while working on Hollywood movies may be fun, advancements in digital design promise long-term benefits in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and overall value.

Probably not the future of construction. We hope. (Source: BuildingSP


What are you reading that you think will change the face of AEC? Let us know in the comments or drop us a line at info@buildingsp.com.

Development and beta testing of GenMEP continues. In response to user feedback, we have now added all standard conduit angles for routing electrical systems. Floating network licenses have been running flawlessly for over a month now using a cloud license server. We continue to look for additional beta testers! Let us know at betas@buildingsp.com.

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