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    Real-time Clash Detection in Revit

    ClashMEP will transform how you work. Real-time clash detection - no exports or uploads. It will spark new ways of working on your projects.

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  • Measure Complexity for MEP

    Read about the MCAA / MCERF CMT, an analysis tool that produces heat maps and metrics for building infrastructure congestion, to be provided for free in November 2017.

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  • The Beginning of the End of Clash Detection

    Clash detection needs to fundamentally change. Read this article to hear our thoughts on how we're working towards better BIM workflows.

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Tools leverage the power of people. At BuildingSP, we are at the forefront of the latest trends in AEC technology - Automation, Generative Design, Computational BIM, Machine Learning, and Big Data. But our goal is to revolutionize the building design and construction experience. We are passionate about improving AEC through our unique understanding of people and technology.

ClashMEP - How We Change MEP Coordination!


ClashMEP is fast! Immediate clash feedback with no perceptible lag


Clash detection happens in your modeling workflow without exporting


Collaboration increases with ClashMEP, including shared environments


ClashMEP increases the value of other processes and apps
  • Computational BIM
  • Generative Design
  • Lean & Strategic

The average BIM user clicks their mouse
more than 400 times per hour.


Computational BIM is the use of computers to leverage, extend, and improve otherwise manual tasks in BIM. Computational BIM uses the power of algorithms and automation to lower the amount of manual input, increase modeling cadence, and improve quality.

Work faster and work smarter. We're here to help.

Generative Design is the Future of Work


Generative design is the combination of computational methods, form synthesis, and outcome optimization. In GenMEP, generative design occurs at two levels - at each quarter inch of a given infrastructure route and at a system level with multiple routes. Generative design changes how we work - faster, smarter, better.

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Lean and Strategic


Our products optimize workflows, which is inherently a lean and strategic solution. The computational power of GenMEP allows for the generative creation of many different outcomes for MEP systems. This means that a lean practitioner can align these outcomes with a client's value system. Read more about our thinking of how GenMEP enables lean thinking.

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Hello, everyone. Time for our weekly roundup of articles at the intersection of building information modeling (BIM); artificial intelligence (AI); and the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) space.  Here goes:

Microsoft's HoloLens continues to impress forward-thinking members of the AEC community. Global Construction Review (GCR) reports that AECOM has become the first construction company to use the technology on-site. "Stephen Kadenacy, AECOM's president, said: 'With this technology we can gain greater clarity earlier in the design review process than with 2D drawings or 3D models on screen, and team members in different locations, each wearing a headset, can simultaneously explore the same holographic projections.' " They are testing its functionality on sites in London, Hong Kong, and Denver, including sites with "unconventional structures."


AECOM and the HoloLens in action. (Source: Global Construction Review)

BIM and BAM! GCR also reported this week that Royal BAM Group showcased a new, autonomous, 3D-printing robot. The machine can move freely about a site and print in stone or concrete. Its free movement allows for complex details and "free-form architecture... It is also an attempt to make the building industry more 'circular' – that is, it can recycle its own products by making building out of waste concrete and stone." No longer will demolished buildings be just a pile of rubbish; this technology will take "green" building to a new level.

3D printing can create gorgeous, fluid, and unexpected structures faster and more efficiently than ever before. (Source: Global Construction Review)

Speaking of green, Tryptique Architecture has proposed a groundbreaking planfor combatting pollution associated with an elevated portion of freeway in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The design calls for "the use of oxygen-heavy plants that would filter up to 20% of CO omissions originating from traffic on the highway and surrounding streets." While it may seem minor, that's a significant reduction for the neighborhood when considering the amount of emissions heavy traffic produces. The design also incorporates an integrated watering system and maximization of open space to ensure the plants are properly watered and well lit. It also includes plans to turn a suffocated community into a thriving cultural center.

Freeway underpasses have never been so healthy or lush before! (Source: BDC Network)

Put your Skynet fears aside – The Wall Street Journal reported this week that while AI may cause a serious disruption in the job market, it's unlikely that it will ever take over. According to Yann LeCun, director of artificial intelligence research at Facebook, "Despite these astonishing advances, we are a long way from machines that are as intelligent as humans – or even rats. So far, we've seen only 5% of what AI can do." LeCun and others also agree that the monumentally complex nature of creating artificial intelligence requires collaboration to the extent that even the most malevolent of entities would have to bypass an innate system of checks and balances to program their Terminator. Technology keeps reminding us that nothing is impossible, but there are still prospects that remain highly unlikely.

 AI is just getting started... (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

That, however, won't stop you from using Alexa to summon your Tesla! Jason Goeke has created code that allows you to use the Amazon Echo virtual assistant to pull your Tesla Model X or S out of the garage. Not yet officially sanctioned by Elon Musk, Goeke has made an appeal to Tesla to open its API to developers in the hopes of developing a slew of apps that "even Elon Musk hasn't dreamed of (yet)." Check out the article to see video of KITT (awesome) in action.

The future of driving doesn't actually involve any driving. (Source: Futurism)

More cool stuff you say? Well who doesn't like blowing stuff up?! Check outPhysics Girl as she and Arc Attack (remember them?) demonstrate howelectromagnets can shear a can in half. Sheer delight for kids of all ages.

Have a great week!

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