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ClashMEP - Continuous, Data-Driven BIM Coordination!


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We assume most (probably all) readers of these updates are familiar with the technology we discuss. That said, most of us probably have to do a lot of explaining when we try to share insights with those who lean toward the technophobic. Daniel Eckler has given us the perfect solution in his recent postoutlining the latest trends in emerging technology (and prospects for the near future). It's a brief explanation accompanied by video clips with further analysis should you want to know more. It's a handy piece to keep on hand because, as Daniel points out, "Even if you work in tech you might have a hard time keeping up."

Not exactly easy to explain... (Source: Medium)

Similarly, Autodesk has provided a one-stop guide to understanding and incorporating BIM methodologies. "Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes have helped countless firms in diverse industries operate more productively, produce higher-quality work, attract more talent, and win new business." They cover everything from efficiency and cost reduction to environmental impact. For an industry that often recoils at the thought of change, it's a helpful and informative introduction to the benefits of BIM adoption.

BIM simplifies just about everything. (Source: Autodesk)

If you're still leery of new technology, just think of all the fun toys! Robots, headsets, 3D printers, drones: The future of construction is the dream of every ten-year-old. Arch20 had us regressing to playdate days with their rundown of robotics in BIM projects. In addition to robots' tireless efficiency and impact on labor costs, many companies embracing BIM technologies "believe that robots can advance their productivity and accelerate the design workflow." Additionally, they have the potential to reduce human work-related accidents since they can complete work in precarious conditions and hazardous areas.

Robots at work. (Source: Arch20)

The software that powers those fun tools is also pretty cool. With the advent of complex virtual and augmented reality systems arose the need for programs to create those virtual spaces. An analysis on Engineering.com looks at two platforms that can map geometric shapes in real-time. While largely geared toward gaming, several have clear applications for use in BIM modeling: "The software is in fact designed to parse its shapes from point cloud data almost instantaneously, which holds the potential to simplify large-scale scanning projects and create usable models for engineers and architects alike in much less time." Essentially, they skip the step of transferring recorded data between platforms, and we're all about skipping steps around here.

Who knew gaming was the future? (Source: Xbox)

If you haven't seen our latest demo, be sure to check it out on YouTube. Also, take a look at the great new features of Autodesk Revit 2017. And check in later this week for our rundown of all the happenings at BIMForum 2016!

Lastly, check out our shiny new website at www.buildingsp.com. It's full of great info and support forums for GenMEP users.

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