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Hello, everyone. Time for our weekly roundup of articles at the intersection of BIM; artificial intelligence; and the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) space. Here goes:

 Mark Zuckerberg announced that his personal project will be adding an artificial intelligence interface to his own home. Our industry's tech is strongly influenced by consumer tech, such as iPads, cellphones, and apps. How do you think Zuckerberg's focus will shape commercial building?

BuiltWorld published an article about Ian Howell from NewForma. In the article by Rob McManamy, Howell is quoted pointing out that construction projects generate 6.5 terabytes of data. 6.5 terabytes! Anyone remember floppy disks? Given Howell's insight, we can't help but make the connection that AI can help deal with this information overload. I'm sure it's certainly on NewForma's product development roadmap.

Many people in the AI space this week shared this NYTimes article that says automation drives job growth. Read this article from Yahoo! Finance that we posted two weeks ago about attracting Millennials to construction. We suggest using better tools, like AI, to get young people interested in construction.

Speaking of people… University of Washington and Skanska announced this week that they're offering a certificate in building information modeling (BIM). The biggest obstacle to BIM adoption on an expanded scale is the lack of people trained to do the work. This is emphasized by a recent article by Blake Wilcox of Bond Brothers on LinkedIn. Wilcox lists success factors for MEP coordination. In a process dominated by people-based workflows, notice how quality assurance is done through significant people-based efforts.

Finally, Germany announced that they are mandating BIM be used on state-funded transportation projects. This move is very similar to a mandate in the UK several years ago. Will the US make similar moves? Just like in the US, Europeans look to technology to help solve their current stresses, as demonstrated by this article from a couple of months ago.


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